CEC North Star Energy Ltd (“CEC”) is a private Oil and Gas development company targeting oil opportunities in the Carbonate Triangle in Alberta, Canada. In 2011, strong advances in oil recovery technology made it clear that the enormous carbonate-hosted bitumen resources of Alberta are of strategic value. CEC North Star Energy was established in 2012 by a group of financial and technical experts in order to build a major Oil and Gas company targeting conventional Oil Sands opportunities in the Peace River Area, Canada.

CEC North Star Energy has and continues to increase shareholder value with their opportunistic acquisitions, and, use of leading edge new technology to bring on stream a massive new energy resource to the world, by producing both with conventional methods and Enhanced Oil Recovery methods (EOR) this heavy oil project.

CEC North Star Energy moved quickly and has acquired One Hundred and Five (105) sections respectively 67,200 acres of lease holdings with a prospective resource in excess of 3 Billion bbls Petroleum Initially In Place (PIIP)  – combined internal and 3d party evaluations of the resource

CEC North Star Energy project plan (1) Multiple Bluesky/Gething Primary Recovery and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), (800 million bbls. PIIP); (2) EOR Recovery of Oil in the Elkton Erosional Edge with (1050 million bbls. PIIP); (3) Debolt Erosional Edge Formation (200 million bbls. PIIP) and (4) Down-dip from Erosional Edge Elkton and Debolt formations (1.2 million bbls. PIIP).

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